Hi all...

Old time PFB...haven't camped with you guys in years (actually haven't been to Pennsic in years) but would love to hear from any/all!

Most in particular, looking for Maureen and Tim...hope to hear from you guys

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Poll #269664 the first hebwolf poll

Should I make a pink, fleece bunny costume for pennsic for me to wear at the bunny party?

smashing idea
you've got to be kidding
maybe use a different material
are you gonna be naked underneath?

what have you heard about Pink Fuzzy Bunny?

you're a bunch of wack jobs
you look like beautiful women, but underneath you clothes your bodies are covered in scales
you're great, fun people

tell me what you've heard


Fuzzy, Bunny, Pink

Hey there, neighbor. Er... Hi.

Come Down and have a drink or six in about five months....

We're sure to have another party-like event this year, I'm still trying to push the theme of "trepanation", but I don't seem to be succeeding. Apparently, people don't want to sacrifice the grey matter on anything other than alcohol, the bastiches.

Spot the H3S'er juggling constantly, that'd be me.
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This Just In...

I ran into Brian today (of Brian, Sarah and the kids), he works at Barnes & Noble in Towson. He told me they will not be going to war this year.

Five months and three days to go... :)

Hey have you seen the huge Pink Bunny on 83 going south? It's on the Mary Sue building...I think we should steal it...mwah hahahahhaaaaa. Or at least take a picture...
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